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One Citrus Peel Natural Soap: Review


Last night I bought a gigantic starter supply of One bath and body products. This is a new, up and coming company that recently launched their bathing delights at Target.
I had never before heard of the company, but when I came across their adorable collection of bathing products, I scooped up everything that was available to try. Citrus Peel Natural Soap happened to be one of those products. I’m all about safe, natural ingredients in my products so I was willing to take this for a spin.

Now for those of you whom have tried Lush before, then immediately you will find a fond liking toward One. The products they sell are just like Lush products, only One packages them a little bit differently.

Citrus Peel Soap in particular comes in a carton that will remind you of a mini egg carton, minus the 12 little pods of course.

The packages is then wrapped with a little logo with the name of the company, and the name of the soap. The first thing I did not like about the packaging on the soap though was that they are open windowed. Granted this is fantastic for sniffing the soap in the store, it’s also a nightmare because a lot of the soaps they had available on the shelves had fingerprints of other shoppers dented into the soap, and that’s a huge let down, considering the price of the soap is $5.99.

I had to dig around to find a soap that didn’t have a fingerprint, or fingernail puncture in it. If anyone over at One sees this review, I hope they do something about that, because it’s pretty gross.

At any rate, if you are lucky and happen to find a soap without any fingerprints in it, then I would definitely suggest trying Citrus Peel.

If you are a fan of citrus natural soap, and if you have ever tried Lush’s Sexy Peel, than you will find an immediate connection with One Citrus Peel. It has a sweet mandarin orange scent to it, with a nice zesty zing to it that you will just fall in love with.

The soap itself has small shavings inside of it, more than likely they are orange peels, otherwise the name of the soap would be pretty pointless.



I decided to use this one while taking a bath, instead of a shower. This citrus natural soap itself is very creamy, and has a soft texture to it which feels really nice on the skin. The lather never really worked into many suds, but the scent was wonderful. It managed to fill the entire bathroom with the sweet creamy citrus scent, and it was an uplifting and enjoyable fragrance that I think any lover of citrus scents would appreciate.

The soap does manages to leave skin feeling very clean, but not very moisturized. On top of that, the soaps scent does not stick with you after you are done bathing/showering. I was hoping that Citrus Peel would stick behind a little bit, the way Lush’s Sexy Peel does, unfortunately it does not. It is however a lovely in bath/shower experience while you are using it.


I would have liked the scent to last longer, and I would have liked a little added moisturization to my skin, but all in all the bar of soap was not bad at all. I liked how it filled the bathroom with its scent, and loved the sweet citrus smell. I would recommend this one, and I would buy it again.

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