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Hi and thanks for checking us out.

My name is Sarah and I’m hoping by sharing my thoughts and parts of my natural living journey I can help others make the switch and also enjoy a cleaner lifestyle. At the end of the day it’s all about the choices you make and what you are comfortable with. For me, my choices lead me in a natural direction.

Years ago while attending university in Boston I was living in an apartment building. One day on my way into my place I passed by a middle ages woman that lived 4 doors down from me and got into one of those random conversations. We introduced ourselves but this meeting and conversation was different than most as it would change my life. The womans name was Bernadette and she was a yoga instructor. We made some small talk then the conversation took a turn and we ended up talking about food which led to talking about natural choices which in turn led to natural choices about which products you use daily. I was intrigued with her natural/ chemical free choices and we soon became fast friends.

As time passed I ended up moving away and we fell out of touch but I’ll never forget the impact she had on my lifestyle. Since she lived 4 doors down I figured that’s what I name this site.


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